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Its not all work, we have some time to play
June 22, 2010, 1:51 am
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After another bumpy ride down a Bonito dirt road, we were able to visit with one of the most successful cattle producer and farmer in the nation where he shared his knowledge with us about his operation.  We had an early start at 6:40 this morning to see the selection process for the cattle that are going to be slaughtered.  We watched the buyer sift through the cattle and the ones he selected were weighed and put into pens of twenty-five.  At this particular farm, on the days that cattle are sold the cowboys are served a feast to celebrate the sell.  We were able to partake in the feast which consisted of eggs and a rice dish that had sun dried beef. 


In the afternoon, we got to experience some of the agrotourism that is located in Bonito.  As a group we decided to visit the local park during our free time.  The park consisted of a portion of a river, a sand volleyball court, futbol court, and several places to eat.  Despite the chilly water, we took advantage of the rivers current and started up stream at one end of the park and floated down to the other end of the park.  It was a nice experience to bond as a group and get to know each other a little bit better.


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